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"The Standard Poodle"

 Just Dogs With Sherri: "Being Away" Written By: Sherri Regalbuto  

Okay; I was only gone 25 1/2 hours but I still miss my dogs like crazy.  Being that two are very, very old and have "issues" going on right now I hate to go at all.  But this was my Christmas present; a trip to the California Wolf Center up in Julian, CA.  (More on that in tomorrows blog)  So we decided to head up late morning and come back the following morning early.  My son was here to care for the dogs but I still worry.  It comes with the territory, if I'm not worrying about one of my kids, I'm worrying about my dogs.  

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Me and My Gang
About Sherri Regalbuto:
Hi and welcome. These are the three dogs that I share my life with. Left to right;
Tilley 13 years old, Jessie 14 years old and Luke 9.5 years old. My life revolves around dogs; all dogs whether I'm training, shooting or just relaxing I can mostly be found around the canine species. Visit Sherri's Blog: "Just Dogs With Sherri" for more great blog articles! We are so excited to have Sherri Regalbuto as a part of the I Love My Dog Team. She is so talented and it shows in her writing & passion for dogs.

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I find that when I am away I am drawn mystically seemingly by a canine magnet to any dog in the near vicinity.  This morning I strolled the streets enjoying the very cool air when I came across an SUV with a Labradoodle, Irish Wolfhound and a Jack Russell.  It really resembled my pack and everyone was wagging at me.  I know better than to touch a dog in a car so I gave them some space but chatted up a storm.  I wished I'd grabbed my camera before I left the room, but I hadn't so I moved along after we finished chatting.

The day before we had seen the cutest little dog sitting patiently as her owner waited for the next ride.  She was a horse carriage driver and she had her tiny companion in the passenger seat.  This time I did have my camera and capture the little patient pouch.  She seemed to be enjoying her sit in the sun with her owner and she was cute as a button.  

Before that we had seen two beautiful Pitbulls leaving a very dog friendly restaurant.  The dogs were happily coming down the stairs after a nice meal with the folks.  I immediately thought of my guys.........ahhhh I miss them.  I think how they would enjoy the cool air, a walk in the woods, well maybe just Luke now but even just sitting in the woods, I can't get them off my mind.  I made several calls home to check in, everyone was fine.

By this morning I was more than ready to head home and see my dogs.  Even though I do miss them it is good to get away sometimes.  Especially now with all the extra care around the clock, a day of rest is good for everyone.  That said the minute I open the door and see a leaping crazy poodle, I'm very happy to be home.   I wander around looking for the two old ladies.  Jessie is curled up and hasn't heard us yet, so I gently place my hand on her as she looks up.  I'm not sure if she knew we were gone but she was happy to see me.  Tilley was sound asleep in bed with my son, she was very happy to see us but not so anxious to leave her cozy spot.  It's good to know that when we are away, they are safe and sound in their own home.

- Sherri Regalbuto - Just Dogs with Sherri

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