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 I Love My Dog - The Rainbow Bridge:
Coming in two weeks! The Rainbow Bridge Page

As we all know, every dog owner understands the some day their Best Friend will pass on and no longer be with them. Until this time arrives, we spend as much time with them as possible and share our love with them and also receive their amazing unconditional love back.

When this day comes, our beloved dogs pass over the Rainbow Bridge where they will no longer suffer any pain and spent the rest of their existance with all of the other dogs who have made us happy and gave so much.

Some of us have already experienced this and have a Best Friend who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. This page is dedicated to you! We are launching a memorial page "By State" and this will be free. You can list your dog and all of your wonderful memories of them which will be a virtual memorial for you to cherish and also for other users to read.